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Gary union station

Union Station in Gary, Indiana was built in 1910, just four years after the city was founded. The station is located between the elevated lines of the Lake Shore and Michigan Southern Railway and Baltimore & Ohio Railroad. The building was closed in the 1950s. 

Through the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation Donor Advised Fund at Legacy Foundation, we can manifest our vision to preserve the Gary Union Station. Through the grant money, which we were awarded, we will be able to start the process of restoring this frequently visited historical landmark. We aim to make the location's exterior aesthetically pleasing while securing the interior of the location to ensure safe viewing for the public.



ej&e 765

The EJ&E served industries in the Hammond-East Chicago-Whiting area, and there was also a short lived passenger service from 1889 until 1909, with passengers carried in the caboose of freight trains in the last two years.

In 1901, the EJ&E was bought by the United States Steel Corporation. In 2009, the majority of its operations were then taken over by Canadian National, leaving a small piece of infrastructure in Gary, IN, to serve US Steel plants there.



the land company house

The Gary Land Company Building which was constructed in 1906 was the first permanent structure in the City of Gary. The original purpose of the building was to house the offices of the Gary Land Company, a subsidiary of U.S. Steel Corporation. The Land Company was a real estate, city planning and engineering company whose role was to plan and supervise the construction of homes, streets and sanitary facilities of the new city. In addition, the building was the home of the City's first post office. The election for the vote on incorporation and the election of the first town officers was held at the Land Company Building. The building was also the first Town Hall and the first high school classes were held in the rear of the building.